We carry out a wide range of surveys including full Buildings Surveys, Help to Buy valuations, Schedule of Condition reports and many other types of building survey. Explore our full range here:

Building Survey

A full Building Survey is a comprehensive inspection of the construction and condition of a property or a specific part of a property. The survey examines all accessible parts of the structure, fabric, finishes and grounds. The survey will not normally include intrusive investigation of materials or structure, or inaccessible or hidden areas, unless prior agreed with the building owner.

The exposure and testing of services are not usually covered but can be included if prior agreed with the building owner. A full Building Survey does not include a valuation but this can be arranged separately if required.

A full building survey includes:

  • Major and minor defects, and what they could mean
  • Guidance as appropriate on maintenance and remedial measures
  • Advice on possible cost of repairs
  • Technical information on the construction of the property and the materials used
  • Recommendations for any further specialist investigations.

Example Building Survey

Download our sample Building Survey for an insight into the areas that are covered during this type of survey.

Download our Sample Building Survey

Help to Buy Valuation

If you have purchased your home with the help of a government Help to Buy loan you will need a RICS qualified valuation of the property if you wish to redeem the loan or re-mortgage the property.

We provide Help to Buy valuations which must meet criteria set out by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

Find more information about Help to Buy Valutions

Schedule of Condition

A Schedule of Condition will record the condition of a property at a particular time and is usually supported by photographs, sketches and drawings. It may be prepared prior to commencement of adjacent construction work or to limit the liabilities of an incoming tenant at the commencement of a lease.

Measured Building Survey

A measured survey will involve taking measurements of a building and/or its site in order to prepare accurate drawings to scale. The purpose for which the drawings will be required, their scale and detail should be agreed between the parties beforehand. If required a measured survey can also include taking site levels.

Stock Condition Survey

A Stock Condition Survey is commissioned to assess the condition of an organisation’s current building stock in connection with the preparation of a maintenance programme. The data collected during Stock condition surveys is then inputted to a database and used as part of a planned preventative maintenance programme for a property or suite of properties.

(Cyclical) Planned Maintenance Survey

This type of survey is undertaken at predetermined intervals following the preparation of a planned system of maintenance that will have been developed from an initial stock condition survey. The inspection will be cyclical (usually three, five, ten or twenty year intervals) and will focus on individual building elements and a prescribed standard of maintenance. On leasehold property, the lease document will usually establish the standard of maintenance required throughout the term of the lease.

Reinstatement Cost Assessment for Insurance Purposes

RCAIP’s are prepared to advise on the anticipated cost of reconstructing a building in the event of damage by an insured risk and will have no direct relationship to the market value of the property.

Fire / Storm / Water Damage Inspection

This is undertaken to assess the extent of damage caused to a building following a fire, storm or flooding. A schedule of damaged elements with approximate quantities is prepared for discussion with the insurer’s representative.

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