Proactive Response to Maintenance

Maintenance tends to fall into two categories, reactive and planned. Adopting a pro-active rather than reactive approach to maintenance provides numerous benefits for building owners and tenants alike. In short buildings that are looked after and managed properly are safer and generally have far fewer unforeseen problems.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead ensures disruptive work can be phased and coordinated in order to minimise inconvenience to occupiers. It also helps a client to make adequate financial provision to avoid large fluctuations in outgoings or being served with a high dilapidations claim at the end of a lease.

Advice and Support

We can advise on proper building management and advise on compliance regarding the following:

  • Air Conditioning servicing and inspection
  • Asbestos management/monitoring
  • Water hygiene monitoring
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Gas safety test, inspection and safety check of installations and appliances
  • Servicing of Roller Shutters
  • Lightning Conductors
  • Servicing of Fire Fighting Equipment

Our Projects