We are delighted to announce that today we achieved job instruction no. 1000, a residential valuation kindly referred by MSB Solicitors.

Glad MSB Solicitors could help you reach your 1000th instruction! You’re highly recommended as always.

Sarah McGuinness, Senior Conveyancing Solicitor

Job no.1 was back in April 2007. 95% of our jobs are house surveys which have ranged from £16k two-bed voids to multi-million-pound mansions and penthouses. While mainly north-west England based, our work takes us across the country.

We have lost count of the amount of money we have saved our clients as a result of our reports but, in the last couple of years alone, the total is in excess of £100k. We pride ourselves on our expertise, thoroughness, and professionalism.

To mark this milestone, we have donated to Mencap Liverpool, a charity that has been of great help to our family for over 40 years.

Many thanks to all our clients and referrers over the years. We are very grateful.